How To Search Words On A Page?

If you know how to search words on a page, then you can get your things done easily! Searching for a specific word to get the information you need can consume a large amount of time sometimes. There are different methods to search for a word on a web page or website. In my today’s […]

How To Search In Google Sheets?

While working on Google sheets, have you ever wondered how to search in Google sheets? Google Sheets is an excellent online app that has replaced MS Excel. It allows its users to download spreadsheets and open them with MS Excel. Many people among us still do not know how to use the search function on […]

How To Search People On Pinterest?

Pinterest beginners often face difficulty in learning how to search people on Pinterest. We all know Pinterest is a fun app where you get lifestyle inspiration travel ideas, DIYs, and more. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can easily search for people having the same interest as you. Here, you can also explore […]

How To Search For Words In Google Docs?

Knowing how to search for words in Google Docs helps to find specific content within a document. Google Docs is very easy and convenient to use! This word processing program is used widely for professional use like drafting letters, creating booklets, and so on. Luckily, it provides a feature to search for text on both […]

How To Search For YouTube Comments?

If you own a YouTube channel, you must know how to search for YouTube comments! YouTube’s Comment section helps you to interact with fellow viewers and other subscribers. It offers both entertainment and insight! Finding that one specific comment in the list of thousands of comments can be a time-consuming and daunting task! So, in […]

How To Search On Excel Sheet?

Being a Microsoft Excel user, do you know how to search on Excel sheet? In Excel, there are dozens of rows and columns filled with all sorts of data. Searching terms or values in a large Excel spreadsheet isn’t an easy task! There is no need to panic, we’ll help you to save your time […]